Surrounded by lazy rolling hills, in the far south of Ecuador, Vilcabamba is best known for the longevity of its townfolk, with residents boasting long lives of beyond 100 years. While this may or may not be true, Vilcabamba tours provide a wonderful place to kick-back and relax for a few days.

The sleepy little town provides opportunities for ambling around and observing local life. It is easy to see why people might live for a long time here-nothing happens quickly! Aside from just chilling out, tours local to Vilcabamba include horse-riding and hiking trips that can be arranged in the Podocarpus National Park where there is even the possibility of spying an Andean Bear!

Recommended accommodation in this town is the German-run Izhcayluma hostel, located about 1.5km out of town. Here, one can wander through the pretty gardens, dip in the pool, try their hand at giant chess, or simply relax in the restaurant area catching up on a good book. Izhcayluma can arrange massages, and one can also hire a bike to cycle down into the local village.

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