For those who have come on holiday simply to chill out (and who hasn't??), relaxing Ecuador tours can be arranged that take in the best of the spots for kicking back.

Relaxing Ecuador tours can be organized to the hotsprings of Papallacta. Papallacta tours are an easy day trip for Quito, or stay overnight to experience hotsprings looking at the twinkling stars.
An alternative tour is to Oyacachi. Oyacachi hotsprings tours are also a day trip from Quito, but are better combined overnight with a hacienda stay, perhaps in Hacienda Guachala. You won't get the polished finish of Papallacta in Oyacachi, but you will get an unsual and well off the beaten path experience.

Another option is to head to the beach. Ecuador beach tours can be organized to any of the destinations along the coast. There are seasonal variations in weather along the coast, so if hot and sunny is important to you, consult Guanguiltagua at the time of booking. We cannot promise great weather, but we can take you to the right places at the right time to give you the best chance! Whale watching is also available at certain times of the year.
Vilcabamba tours can be arranged for those who really want to get away from it all. A stay in Vilcabamba is sure to chill you out - this town boasts longevity of its townsfolk. When you get there you will understand why - the laid back pace of life is enough to ensure that everyone stays rested and relaxed. Baños is another great place to get relaxed and refreshed.

Whatever the needs of your relaxing Ecuador tour, tell Guanguiltagua and we can plan a trip customized for you.

Contact us to customize your tour for you.