For adventurous persons who wish to head a bit more off the beaten path, in certain parts of your trip Quichua home stays can be organized. This is a unique opportunity to experience indigenous life up close and personal. Stay in a local home, perhaps pick up a few words of the local language and learn from an insider's view point how local people live.
In the upper Napo we find one of the most interesting cosmovisions of the Ecuadorian indigenous people: the Quichua community. For this purpose, we take our visitors to Delfin's Lodge, one of the best and most knowledgeable Quichua Shamans in the upper Napo area. At Delfin's we can get deep into the cosmovision of the native people and have a taste of the authentic community life.
Our fellow visitors are introduced to activities like agricultural shared work, cooking with the indigenous family, shamanism ceremonies including ayahuasca drinking ritual, jungle hikes to discover magical jungle doors to other dimensions, and hiking and description of medicinal plants.
In the indigenous Delfin's house you live like the indigenous people live, disconnected from the western world for a few days with no electricity and with a nice night breeze that calls the spirits of the jungle and purifies your soul.
When you are booking your trip, please mention that you are interested in a Quichua home stays and Guanguiltagua will be happy to arrange this for you.

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Contact us to include this exciting option as part of your customized Ecuador tour.