ecuador toursGuanguiltagua likes to do things your way. We don't believe in tours that only depart on set days of the week, or having set itineraries that you have to choose between. We make customized tours of Ecuador to suit you. With ten years' experience in the tourism industry in Ecuador, we know the best of the best spots that Ecuador has to offer and we are flexible. You can contact us directly via this site.

Here on our website you will notice that we make suggestions of different types of tours. They are just that-suggestions. We can offer tours with a more historical or cultural theme to them, or active tours with a focus on hiking and other outdoorsy options. We can take you shopping or sightseeing, or alternatively we can take you to spots for pure relaxation. Your customized tour of Ecuador can include something of everything if that's what you prefer.

  • To organize your tour with us is simple:
  • Tell us how long you're coming for
  • Tell us when you're coming
  • Tell us what you like to do on vacation

We can then plan your tour for you. It is also helpful for us to know whether you prefer a budget, mid-range or luxury trip, so that we can pick accommodation accordingly. We will then send you a proposed itinerary and we'll plan your trip together from there, making any changes that you need.

To find out about a customized tour of Ecuador made to suit you, contact us with your interests and dates.

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