Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua ExpeditionsAlso called Qosco in the old Quechua language, this city was declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1983. Cusco is the former capital of the Incan empire which was called by the Incas as "Tahuantinsuyo" (Empire of the Four Corners).

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"The Inti Ray mi Festivity durante Jun Solstice"

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"Jesus Company Church"

Cusco is one of then bests architectural and historical jewels of Peru, in the words of the Incan chronicler Garcilaso de La Vega, Cusco means "Umbilicus of the World"

Transcription from the book written by Garcilaso de la Vega "Royal Commentaries of the Incas, book two, chapter eleventh:

"They putted by center of the Tahuantinsuyo the city of Cosco, which within the particular language of the Incas means umbilicus of the earth: refering to it as a belly button, because Peru's territory is long and narrow as a human body and that city is almost right in the middle of it".

This city has a lot of stunning architectural treasures such as:

- The Koricancha, Incan Temple of the Sun, which was plated by gold by the incas, before the Spaniard's time. On top of this temple, the Spanish built the Santo Domingo Spanish baroque church which is another sight to be discovered.

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"The Koricancha Sun Temple"

- The Plaza de Armas, known in the colonial time as the Place of the Happiness, Here the Spaniards built a variete arcade that still can be seen these days.

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"The Cathedral church, in one of the sides of the Plaza de Armas"

- The Jesus Company church: another magnificent sample of the amazing Spanish baroque art filled inside with lots of Cusqueño art precious paintings.

- The Saksaywaman Fortress (place where the hawk gets quench) is a ceremonial place commenced to be constructed by Pacahacutec Inca and finished by Huayna Capac Inca in the XVI century.

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"Saksaywaman Fortress”

- The Sacred Valley with the Pisac agricultural farm, Pisac indigenous craft market, Urubamba vill, Chinchero artisans town, Maras salt mines, Moray agricultural terraces, Ollantaytambo town with its amazing ruins complex and more.

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"Sacred Valley".

Peru Tours / Guanguiltagua Expeditions

"Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain"

- The Rainbow mountain, the amazing and colourfull ‎Vinicunca mount (5200 meters above sea level) which was covered by a glacier until 2006 that after its melting, allowed the human eyes to see its magnificent colourfull surface which contains different minerals which are coloured in many diferentes tones making its sightseeing a total joy to the human eye!

Cusco is one of the Peruvian jewells, let us plan your dream trip to this place!