Ingapirca Ruins

Ingapirca is one of the most interesting archaeological complexes in Ecuador, and the largest. Its most important feature is the fact that Ingapirca is a mixed complex who puts together a millenarian local culture, the Cañari and the centenarian Incas. The Incas reached Ingapirca by 1490, right after conquering Tumi Pamba (Cuenca), The Cañari where the most fierce fighting indigenous people from Ecuador at that time, that is the reason why the Incas where stocked at the Cañari region for almost fifteen years and couldn't advance further north so fast.

The complex has two main parts, the Pilaloma compound from the X century that belongs to the local Cañari culture, here we find the ruins of Cañari priest rooms and the room of the cacique (chief) from the region.

The other part of the complex is the Inca part where we find the Elliptical Castle from the XVI century, which is built following the shape of the orbit of the earth around the sun, here the Incas performed human and animal sacrifices in honor of the "Father Sun".

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