Why choose us?
At Guanguiltagua Expeditions, we believe that we can offer you something completely different, a tour created especially for you, based on your specific needs and desires. You tell us your likes, dislikes, budget and vacation duration and we will tailor make a tour that will meet your wishes of your Ecuador holiday.

As a small, family-run company we are not bound by the processes and limitations that tie the hands of larger companies, enabling us to offer complete flexibility at an affordable price, but without compromising on quality. Get a quote from us and see what we can do for you today.

About the owner:
Guanguiltagua's founder, Dennis Yepez is a fully qualified Ecuadorian Tour Guide, graduating in 1997. With 14 years' experience of leading tours throughout his beautiful country, Dennis knows Ecuador better than the back of his hand and loves sharing it with you.

A talented guide, Dennis brings you personalized and customized tours of Ecuador based on your unique needs and requirements.