Otavalo is home to the largest indigenous market in South America. Spend time meandering the colourful stalls around the Poncho Plaza and bargain like the locals to for great deals on products as diverse as wool and alpaca knits, jewelry, chess boards, traditional musical instruments and much more.

Otavalo market tours are best conducted on Saturdays, if size is important to you. On Saturdays the stalls spill out into the many surrounding streets, however, the market is there every day and on days other than Saturdays you can enjoy it in a more tranquil manner, and maybe pick up better bargains too!

For early starters, Otavalo market tours on a Saturday morning can also take in the Animal Market - a great insight into local customs. If you're a shopaholic or if you simply like people watching and picking up mementos of your Ecuador trip, Otavalo is the place for you.

Contact us to include this as part of your customized Ecuador tour, or simply to plan a day trip there.