Set in a hotspot for biodiversity, and only an hour and a half for Quito, a birdwatching tour in Mindo should be a part of any trip to Ecuador. Mindo boasts some of the country's most amazing bird, butterfly and orchid life and a visit to a local farm will leave you in awe at the overwhelming beauty of the biology in this area.

Be mesmerized by the hummingbirds as they buzz around the sugared-water stands to feed-the rainbow of colours is staggering. After feasting your eyes on such mind-blowing beauty, take a hike to a local waterfall, and stop for a dip in the river to refresh and relax.
Or simply stop off in one of the local restaurants to watch yet more hummingbirds and others as they feed while you do.

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Bellavista is perhaps one of the few places in the world where you will want cloudy and overcast weather. A birdwatcher's paradise, the Bellavista reserve is located in the sub-tropical cloud forest region of northern Ecuador, and cloudy weather attracts the many species of colorful hummingbirds that enjoy feeding at the reserve.

Spot a Booted Racket-tail buzzing around the sugared water, its little white fluffy booties immaculate. You will be likely to observe any number of hummingbirds, including the Speckled Hummingbird, the Collared Inca, the Andean Emerald and the Tawny Bellied Hermit.

Other species are also extremely common here, as this area is part of the Choco / Andean hotspot for biodiversity, and the reserve is set in an area that is known to have more than 330 species of birds.

Head out before dawn for birdwatching tours to see the notorious Cock-of-the-Rock, or amble along the many self guided trails and see if you can spy a Blue-Winged Mountain tanager or a Toucan Barbet.

This is a treat set to convert us all into true birders. And if it's not cloudy? Don't worry, the butterflies come out instead.

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